She Demos LLC's remediation services stop and reverse environmental damage as much as safely possible. Our team remedies the contamination found in your buildings. Not only do we remove the contaminants by caring them off site, but we clean the surfaces and the structural elements that must remain for construction crews to renovate and convert your structure.

PCB abatementĀ 
Hazardous waste management and disposal
Universal waste removal
Remove oil and tank
Fire\water, restoration: we follow a stringent restoration process that includes:
  • Evaluating surfaces for various levels of damageĀ 
  • Assessing structural components for deterioration
  • Gauging personal items for damage and preparing them for storage
  • Dehumidifying the space to remove odors and ash from the air
  • Inspecting framing to ensure it's safe for you to enter the property
  • Sealing areas to prevent odors from leaking into other parts of the home
  • Removing salvageable items and cleaning them for preservation
Additional Services
Carpet and upholstered furniture
Tarping and board up
Wall ceiling and cabinet washing
clothing and fabric cleaning
Soot, smoke, and odor removal
Content cleaning, and restoration
Fire damage repair
Water damage
  • Look out for these interior indicators:
  • Wood that is warping, cracking, or suffering from consistently loose joints
  • Bubbly spots materializing on surfaces, and under veneer
  • Mold
  • Waterlines on walls ceilings
  • Floor wall glues liquefying
Additional Services
Content and document drying
Appliance leaks
Carpet and upholstery furniture
Drying And dehumidification
Burst and leaking pipes
Sewage back up
Fire fighting damageĀ 
Flooded basement
Roof leaks and failures
Three types of water losses:
  1. black water. Sewage water likely corrosive or toxic. We take extra precautions.
  2. Gray water: when there is a chemical in the water.
  3. White\clean water: most commonly from supply linens.